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Your trusted legal partner in Suffolk County, New York. Specializing in Family Law, Criminal Law, Elder Law and Domestic Violence matters. We provide our clients with experienced guidance, personalized solutions and zealous advocacy.



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The James Firm strives to set the gold standard for professionalism, responsiveness and integrity in the practice of law and in service to our clients. Our boutique law firm specializes in Family Law, Criminal Law and Elder Law.

The James Firm is committed to providing exceptional legal representation to Suffolk County residents. We represent clients in Suffolk County Family Court, District Court, Supreme Court and Surrogate Court proceedings. At The James Firm, we appreciate that our clients come to us during their darkest hour. Many clients seek to employ our expertise to tackle complex and unique legal issues. The law, as written, cannot meet the needs of every family. In these instances, we work within the law to craft unique solutions. Where a creative solution is insufficient, we advocate for a new statutory interpretation or to change the law. Our mission is to use our many years of experience in navigating the court system to inspire informed decisions and secure favorable outcomes. We exhaust all options to achieve our goal. But at our core, WE ARE TRIAL LAWYERS. We pride ourselves on being revered, resolved and ready to fight for the rights of our clients whenever and wherever. This is the essence of our ethos, “Advocacy Elevated.”


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At The James Firm, PLLC, we recognize the challenges and complexities that accompany legal issues, whether they involve Family Disputes, Criminal Charges, Elder Law, Civil Rights or Employment Law etc. Our team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to providing expert guidance and support, helping you navigate through every step of the legal process with confidence.

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At The James Firm, we offer personalized case evaluations to help our clients understand their options and make informed decisions. During your 30 minute initial consultation, potential clients have the opportunity to speak directly with Attorney LaToya James about their case and receive a preliminary evaluation.

During the initial consultation, our goal is to provide you with an introductory explanation of the law that applies to your facts, a clear understanding of your legal matter and potential outcomes. Whether you are grappling with a family law matter, a criminal charge or need assistance with estate planning, our attorney has the knowledge and  expertise to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Legal challenges can be overwhelming, but don’t allow them to consume you. Take the first step toward resolving your legal matter with confidence by hiring Attorney LaToya James.