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LaToya R.A. James, Esq.


Experienced Litigator & Former Assistant D.A.


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Criminal Defense
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Are you or a loved one facing any criminal charges? Let us build a tenacious, experienced, aggressive & mindful T.E.A.M. around
you for a strong defense...

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Domestic Violence
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Domestic Violence

Through various partnerships, we provide our clients resources that allow for a safe transition into a life free from fear, power and control...


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Is your family facing uncertainty? We are a Certified Mediator with experience from paternity to alimony, offering a guiding hand through the legal process...

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Our Featured Services

THE JAMES FIRM, PLLC is a full service law practice located in and serving Long Island, New York. Other Services include:

    • DWI/DUI Defense
    • Traffic tickets
    • Buying and selling a home
    • Will Preparation
    • Estate Planning

Established in Suffolk County NY, The James Firm, PLLC is dedicated to providing competent and professional legal representation to those charged or accused of committing a crime, victims of Domestic Violence and litigants in Family Court proceedings. At The James Firm, PLLC, we realize that our clients come to us during their darkest hour. Our mission is to use our many years of experience in navigating the court system to inspire informed decisions.

At The James Firm, PLLC every client is treated with respect. Phone calls are returned promptly and questions are answered fully.

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THE JAMES FIRM, PLLC represents clients in Federal, State, Justice and Traffic Courts throughout Long Island.  Our Managing Attorney, LaToya James is a former prosecutor, who possesses a vast knowledge and level of experience in the area criminal law. Her familiarity with the subject matter allows us to zealously and aggressively defend the rights of the accused. Remember, a criminal charge is just an accusation. You are innocent until you admit guilt or are proven guilty. When charged with a criminal offense, it is crucial to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately to ensure the matter is resolved in a fast and fair way and that your rights are fully protected. Representing yourself or hiring an inexperienced attorney can have lifelong ramifications. Criminal convictions make it difficult to obtain or maintain gainful employment, get a driver’s license or vote. Hiring a former prosecutor, who is familiar with the procedure and the people in the jurisdiction where you are charged, is the best way to ensure that your interests are a priority.

Former Assistant District Attorney, LaToya R.A. James, Esq. has the experience needed to defend any criminal charge. Being represented by a former prosecutor gives you invaluable access to the strategies of the opposition. We know how prosecutors think and we are able to anticipate their theory and stay one step ahead.

Call The James Firm, PLLC (631) 572-8137 today for your no cost case evaluation.

LaToya’s Quotes

“When charged with a crime, hire your own prosecutor” LaToya James. Esq.

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Important Notice: The following information is provided by the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles and is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. The viewing of the information contained herein does not constitute legal advice, nor does it create or imply an attorney-client relationship. It should be noted that this web site is an Advertisement for legal services and should not be used in any manner to guide you in making legal decisions. You should speak with a qualified attorney when seeking legal advice. Please note that the information below may not be up to date at the time of viewing.

What is DWI?
Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a crime. In NYS, the penalties include the loss of driving privileges, fines, and a possible jail term.

Your judgment, coordination and ability to drive a vehicle change when you consume any amount of alcohol. The level of impairment depends on five conditions:

  1. The amount of alcohol you drink,
  2. The amount of food you eat before or while you drink alcohol,
  3. The length of time you drink alcohol,
  4. Your body weight, and
  5. Your gender.

There is no quick method to become sober. The best method is to wait until your body absorbs the alcohol. The average rate that your body processes alcohol is approximately one drink per hour.

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THE JAMES FIRM, PLLC represents clients in Family Court with Family Offense Petitions (Order of Protection), Custody & Visitation, Paternity, Support Matters (Child & Spousal), Neglect & Abuse, Juvenile Delinquency/Designated Felonies, Persons in Need of Supervision, Adoption, Guardianship, Foster Care, Consent to Marry, Juvenile Drug Court and Family Treatment Court.

LaToya James, ESQ. is the consulting attorney for Long Island Against Domestic Violence. She is uniquely qualified to help you navigate the difficult issues addressed in Family Court. Whether seeking an Order of Protection, Custody, Visitation, Maintenance, Child Support, or you are charged with Abuse /Neglect, you need an experienced Family Court attorney to represent your interests and protect your rights. Representing yourself or hiring an inexperienced attorney in Family Court can result in loosing custody of your children, paying too much or not receiving enough child support. The consequences in Family Court can be severe and often permanent, call The James Firm at (631) 572-8137.

Additional Services

The James Firm, PLLC specializes in Criminal Defense and Family. However, we are a part of a large network of attorneys who are ready, willing and able to help you if you are going through a divorce, buying or selling a home, are in need of a will or are injured in an accident.

Call The James Firm, PLLC at (631) 572-8137 today to discuss your legal needs.

In recent months the issues surrounding men, women and children living in Domestic Violence situations have gained national attention. Images of professional athletes committing acts of violence against their intimate partners have permeated the media and raised awareness of the existence of this blight on our society. In response, the nation has rallied in support of the victimized. Victims are encouraged to become survivors. The James Firm is committed to protecting the rights of the abused. Through partnerships and collaborative efforts with local Domestic Violence Agencies and law enforcement, The James Firm, provides our clients with unparalleled access to resources and information to allow for the safe transition into a life free from fear, power and control. Once you decide that enough is enough and you are in a safe location, call The James Firm, PLLC (631) 572-8137.

Information for victims of Domestic Violence

LaToya James, Managing Attorney of The James Firm, PLLC, serves as the consulting Attorney to Long Island Against Violence. LaToya’s work with LIADV enables her to help victims navigate the legal aspects of their transition to survivor. This alliance has given LaToya the opportunity to combine her love of the law with her desire to help families impacted by Domestic Violence. If you or someone you know is in an abusive intimate or familial relationship call the LIADV 24 Hour Hotline at (631) 666-8833.

For Nassau County Residents, please contact the Safe Center at (516) 465-4700.

For NYC Residents call Safe Horizon at (800) 621-4673.

For emergency assistance call 911.

THE JAMES FIRM, PLLC offers our clients a wide array of services.

Our Managing Attorney, LaToya R.A. James, Esq. has been a licensed Insurance Broker for over 15 years. She has worked for many large insurance companies including Allstate, Prudential and Travelers. Ms. James is also a licensed Real Estate Broker and Notary Public.

THE JAMES FIRM, PLLC is a full service law practice, we can help if you are buying or selling a home, are in need of a will or are injured in an accident.

Contact The James Firm, PLLC today to discuss your legal needs.


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  • What are the different parts of Leandra's Law and what are the penalties for conviction?
  • What is an "Ignition Interlock Device"?

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We hired Mrs. James to represent our son in a custody case with 2 of his daughters. She listened to his wants pertaining to custody and provided him with true feedback on what she could deliver. Ms. James was a true advocate for the best interest of my grandchildren, all the while fighting to meet the needs of my son. She is very knowledgeable in her line of work, and was always available to provide clarity or assurance when something was unclear. Today, my sons case was settled, Ms. James...
Let me start by saying Ive had a family cases going on for 3 years, (6 years if prior cases counted) it was clear the man who abandoned my son long ago had full control in every court date, and my sons rights w were non-existent. About a year and a half ago I was referred to LaToya James. From day one she was very transparent about every detail, And all the possible outcomes- but always said she would do everything in her power to fight for my rights and...

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