We won! The process of going through an unwanted experience of a trial with a sibling in family court, where I have never had to go, was made less stressful and appropriately pleasant with the outstanding professionalism, competency, and excellent execution and service by my attorney Latoya James Esq. When contacting my local police department for help, they recommended that I call the Long Island Advocates office. A counselor who helped me file suggested I get an attorney and when asked who, he recommended Ms. James. I reached out to her to take my case in a family dispute. Her experience was evident in her preparation with me and the requested information she asked for to prepare and plead my side of the case. Ms. James was patient, compassionate, understanding and kind. After a 10 month journey to try to avoid a trial it arrived. The trial was an all day affair and throughout the day Ms. James was “on point”. She was meticulous in her understanding of what occurred and “didn’t miss a beat” of evidence presented on both sides. Her cross-examination was outstanding. The result was “I won”! Ms. James, when presented with the facts and evidence, put together a process that was on target and proved my case. I have and would absolutely recommend her for legal disputes.

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