The James Firm, PLLC is a full service Law practice specializing in Criminal Defense and Family Law. Established in Suffolk County NY, The James Firm, PLLC is dedicated to providing competent and professional legal representation to those charged or accused of committing a crime, victims of Domestic Violence and litigants in Family Court proceedings. At The James Firm, PLLC, we realize that our clients come to us during their darkest hour. Our mission is to use our many years of experience in navigating the court system to inspire informed decisions.
At The James Firm, PLLC every client is treated with respect. Phone calls are returned promptly and questions are answered fully. As a client of The James Firm, PLLC you will benefit from our T.E.A.M. approach.
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Do You Have a Will?

Do You Have a Will?

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Question of the day… Do You have a will? No? When a person dies without a will and owns property, the process varies considerably based on the deceased’s relationship status. If the person who dies...

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  • Ms. James is an amazing lawyer. She was always on time, well prepared and well dressed. She responded immediately to all of my phone calls, emails and texts. Ms. James is obviously well respected in the courthouse--all of the court staff responded positively when I said she was my lawyer. With her help, I finally felt like I was being heard in court. I owe an extreme amount of gratitude to Ms. James for finally giving me justice. Thank You!
    Family Law Client
    Family Law Client

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  • Latoya is a knowledgeable and caring attorney. She has the ability to make every client feel comfortable and at ease when faced with the most difficult of times. She is competent and a great attorney.
    Melissa Aguanno
    Melissa Aguanno

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